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Heyyyoo, as far as i know my name is Kai Ting 15 this year 13/08 . Well, that's all for my biography...
Unless you wanna know more HEHEHE.

Okays i shall add something then. I am a little weird. End.
Wish upon the well
Getting out of hospital
Getting well!~
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2:52 PM
Monday, October 6, 2014

This is fuck shit. Haven't been able to sleep for the whole damned night. Hence. I feel the urge to vent.

It is so fucking annoying because i know that i am going to be dead tired later.
And my contacts are going to be so frigging painful i cannot.

I feel so tired but so awake at the same time. Really hope i don't fuck up pos later.

Probably going to request for early break because i don't think i will be able to take it otherwise.
Crossed fingers that there won't be so many people because its a tuesday. T.T I feel so bad but i really hope that all the people are having a good mood today. What am i saying now. Now i feel so sleepy i cannot even?

So hence i am really going to take a rest like right now. I'm so tired.
My shoulders hurts so much.
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7:35 PM
Friday, August 22, 2014

And i wanted to post frequently.
Saw cute babies made my day a little better.

A little quite tired?

Not sure what I'm saying, but sun goes up and the stars goes down blah blah blahhhh blah blah blah blah blah blah :D
Hahaha :D
Popdantology is awesome all the mashups are SOSICK.
Anyways back back.
Regret going back to see those things. Sigh.

Going to buy WHITE POLO anyway hahahha :D
So cute leh them :D
They wanted to like have a same WHITE tee day :D
So cute anyway :D
I need khaki colored pants anyway.
It looks kinda cooler than black anyway.

And idk why, feel like i really need new bras soon HAHHHAA. TMI TMI. But. Anyway, shall go get some maybe. HEHHEHHEHHEHHEH. WTF. Idk why am i even typing these.
Tired blah.
Still 7.5 more hours to go. I'm super dehydrated. So i seriously need to get more water into my system.

Kays Bye,
Kai Ting :) Let them dream big, bigger, better.

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1:41 AM
Monday, August 18, 2014

These few days consist of a lot of food, sleep and medication. Sounds pretty good but honestly I couldn't feel more miserable.

Feel such soreness and heaviness in my body. xxx-ed these few days. Fell sick and its kinda funny how my parents never realized how sick I was. Felt like they were more concerned when I was sicker.


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5:21 AM
Saturday, August 16, 2014

Period can be such a bitch.
HAHAH. Bed bounded for the rest of my day. Texted Husna who asked me to wash my apron. But i'm such a nice girl i did :)

Skipped work today coz.
Nothing much today. Went through a few big bags of lays chips. Coz. Cravings.
And hence, the terrible sore throat rn.

Scrubbed myself clean, and reminded myself to forget all the terror that used to terror me.
Kai Ting
Saturday, 16/8/14
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8:33 AM
Friday, August 15, 2014

Not much idea what i'm doing nowadays. But I'm really kind of enjoying starbucks life :) people there are very very kind and fun to me :) And even though i have only known them for a while, it seems as if they are a small family to me :)

Husna and Syidah are like my mums/sisters, and i really love them for giving me a lot of love hhehe :) Although they always say i'm noisy. Husna always help me to solve problems with my pos, and its so funny always to talk to her. Syidah and I are getting closer and closer despite the first initial not so good impression (I was a rookie afterall T-T) 

Love how i know that Siti actually like me a lot although she asks me to shut up a lot hahahhahah :DDDD 
John is super funny and super fun to bully idk what the shit. 
But yahhh :D
Today was really really really busy, there were so many coffee to goes and bulk orders and it was really fun interacting with the people. Really like a few people who treat me so well (: Anywayyyyyss :D During break, i made my fave dark mocha frappppp (ITS THE BEST EVER OMG Spam sugar + dark mocha powder + chips heheheheh) to drink :D And then Syidah was like went to shit finish and when she came out and saw my dark mocha she was like that was shit and we were like laughing so much omg can't stand her and for god's sake she's a nurse T-T She told me that she is getting married soon... :) And somehow my heart warmed. I don't think i will ever get married. But it was nice hearing such news :) 

Fast forward to later. I spilt greentea syrup at tsujiri later on and it was so T.T Devastating. Luckily yanagi and wafee helped me clear up and it was super ultra busy today and there were just so much to do :D Glad that the business is getting much better though :D *Happy face* 
Many people told me i looked too happy :D And i'm too noisy T.T 

But sometimes, after all the hustle and bustle is over... I kinda feel lonely and all by myself again. A little saddening how i just stay in my room once i'm home. And everything turns into the four walls that surround me. My room is pretty cosy, but most of the time, i feel really cold and alone. 

And then i'm reminded of the bun who loves me a lot :) Thankful to have her. Or i might have long made myself disappear from this little place called earth :) 

Friday 15/8/14
Floating on the sea of nothing. Searching that never ends. 

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